Maine Piano Teachers

This is a (nearly) comprehensive list of local piano teachers here in Southern Maine.
This list includes both teachers who work with you in-person, and also those who use remote teaching tools.
If you have any submissions or updates, please contact
Teacher City
Arthur Melendy(207) 376-3376Facebook Auburn
Midcoast School of Music ☆(207) 837-2955 Bath
Ann Hartzler(207) 837-3416 Bowdoinham
Eric Peppe ☆(207) 400-6011 Buxton
Christine Kissack(207) Falmouth
Jacqui Savage ☆(207) 232-9893Facebook page Falmouth
Sheila Knight(207) 839-6192 Gorham
Gorham School of Music(207) 839-3900Facebook Gorham
Rhee MichelleFacebook Gray
Sara Sturdivant ★☆(978) 382-3687Facebook Haverhill, MA
River Tree Arts(207) 967-9120Facebook Kennebunk
Barbara Fraser(207) 793-2103 Kennebunk
Marc P. Mailhot ★☆(207) Lisbon
Kathryn Miller ☆(207) 487-5405Facebook Pittsfield
Erica Ball ☆
Michael Beling ☆(207) 939-7969Facebook page Portland
Nell Britton ☆(207) 408-5197Facebook page Portland
Amy Hunter ★☆ (207) 370-8826 Portland
Phyllis Leeke ☆(207) Portland
Liz Manduca(207) Portland
Carol Starbird ★(207) 409-4841Facebook page Portland
Mesa Schubeck(207) Portland
Alice Peterson ☆(207) Portland
Eve Sawyer(207) 773-8741 Portland
Warren McPherson ☆Facebook Portland
Patricia Jalbert(207) 934-1218 Portland
Dale Portland
Midcoast School of Music ☆(207) 837-2955 Portland
Midcoast Music Academy ☆(207) 701-7410Facebook page Rockland
Abigail Nash ☆(207) Rockland
Ron Johnson ★(207) S. Portland
Kim Jamison(207) 206-6468Facebook Sanford
Joel Pierce ☆(207) 370-8266Facebook Topsham
Jennifer Day(207) 590-7910 W. Baldwin
Barbara Fraser(207) 793-2103 W. Newfield
Christina Misner Rao ☆ Wayne/Winthrop
317 Main St (207) 846-9559Facebook page Yarmouth
Marlene Wagner (734) 645-4129Facebook Yarmouth
T Will Huval ★(207) 361-1069 York
Lori Gundlah(207) York
★ Teachers who can travel to your home.
☆ Teachers who can teach remotely through apps.

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